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The Weirdness of the Topography of ‘The Favourite’

The Favourite is set in about 1705-1711 in London, at presumably, notionally, Kensington Palace, Queen Anne’s principal residence, where, according to Wikipedia, the final falling out between Queen Anne and the Duchess of Marlborough took place. The setting could, however, … Continue reading

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Re-viewing Spectre

The James Bond movie Spectre has appeared on DvD in the supermarket so I bought it and rewatched it. It measured up very well on re-viewing. I like the helicopter scene coming in over the Porta San Pancrazio with the … Continue reading

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Neo-baroque Hobbits: Wooden Architecture and Subterranean Art Deco

I finally caught up with the second instalment of the Hobbit movie on Virgin flights to and from Sydney (half going and half returning). It was that or a choice of 6 Planet of the Apes movies. While I found … Continue reading

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