More Dragon Spouts: Schwäbische Hall

The Rathaus at Schwäbische Hall has some splendid dragon spouts (Fig. 1). The main channel is only half-round, with the top of the jaw completing it. It clarifies the ornamental ‘ears’. At Krakow there are both ‘ears’ and wings.  Here there are no wings, only ornamental ‘ears’. These are set at 45 degrees just behind the jaw hinge, which means that from the front and necessarily below they are seen frontally (Fig. 2). In this was they make a strong visual statement: it avoids the awkward angle of views where the feature disappears because it is seen edge on. There is also a tail, somewhat unconvincing, a curved strip ending in an ornamental feature, and a pointed tongue that relates well to this (Fig. 3). All of this concentrates the features at one point, and doesn’t pretend to make sense of the dragon’s body, which is just the extended tube or semi-circular gutter. The inside of the mouth is painted red.




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