A Baroque Villa Garden in a Painting by Passeri

There is an interesting painting by G. B. Passeri in the window of Apolloni in Via del Babuino. It shows the ‘ottobrate’ (autumn festival) at a villa outside Rome, with a view of Rome in the distance. It shows two important components of a villa: the portal in the garden wall, ultimately derived from Serlio, and the main casino. It remains to be seen whether these are identifiable, or whether it is wholly imaginary. The casino has a passageway through the centre and two symmetrical wings, each with a tower. The passageway through the centre is suggestive. Most Roman villas were designed this way, but some, like the Villa Catena, Poli, began life as fortified buildings straddling a road, or indeed a crossroads. This situation can still be seen today at Isola Farnese. At Villa Catena they rerouted the road. In this case the ascent is steep, but your never know.

The lower terraces have wooden trellising with herms, the later like Villa Patrizi.

It would be worth looking for the model for the gateway.

The noble couple at the centre are interesting. The woman gives alms, while the man holds an emblem with a heart crossed by arrows.




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